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Safe, Secure, Reliable
Storage and Transportation

GoForward Logistics is the leading provider of customized warehousing and transportation solutions for businesses and individuals in the Midwest. We understand that timely deliveries are only the beginning of the requirements for our customers. We promise to provide safe, secure, reliable storage and transportation of your products from experienced professionals. We couple these services with technology that allows for the highest level of visibility so you’re always in command of your items and you always have up-to-date, accurate information.

warehouse and freight transportation company
safe and secure warehousing company

Superior Service

The management team of GoForward Logistics has over 60 years experience in the logistics industry with a focus on final-mile services and the unique challenges these solutions present. GoForward was started to provide customers with warehousing and transportation options delivered with superior service and streamlined costs. We stand apart from our competitors with our firm belief that you should always execute what you’ve committed to your customers. Attention to detail and continual communication are the backbone of GoForward, and we promote a collaborative, team-focused environment to ensure no ideas for improvement are ever overlooked.

From seamless navigation through last-mile challenges to long-term, full-service pick/pack/delivery options, our experts know the way. When white-glove care for sensitive documents is required, you can rely on our professional, courteous drivers to ensure your delivery arrives safely and securely. Our warehouse is ready to grow and completely secured and temperature-controlled so you know your inventory is safe.

When security, reliability, and professionalism matter as much as timeliness, choose GoForward.

Our Services

From crowded streets and traffic jams to construction delays and other obstacles, we have the experience you need to cut through the congestion and get your packages where they need to be, when they need to be there. Whether you need a single document transported or a full truckload of products shipped, personal tasks or professional distribution, our customized solutions offer security and reliability that will exceed your expectations.

on-demand delivery services

On-Demand Delivery Services

From last-minute deliveries to white-glove handling of critical documents, our on-demand services are waiting for your call. Get your items where they need to be, when they need to be there.

scheduled and routed delivery

Scheduled and Routed Delivery

When you need regular delivery of packages or documents for business or personal needs, our pre-scheduled and routed delivery solutions are built around your needs.

warehousing fulfillment and distribution

Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Distribution

From long-term storage to cross-docking solutions and everything in between, we customize every solution to the needs of your business, complete with security and visibility.

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Speedy deliveries are only the beginning of the demands we meet for our customers. Our promise is to deliver safe, secure, reliable storage and transportation of your products and items, and to do it with courtesy and professionalism. No matter what your business or personal needs are, our custom solutions are just right for you.